Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mask Parade

In term three room 4 started to make some masks for the mask parade. We all made animal masks. First we got a balloon and blew it up. Next we got some newspaper and ripped it into squares and dipped it into glue then stuck it onto the balloon. After we had done about five layers we let it dry for two days, then we cut the balloons in half and added noses and ears using foam packing. Later we started to paint our masks the colour of the animal we wanted it to be. On the day the of the mask parade Mr Harris cut eye holes in our masks and put the elastic on. Then at five thirty the whole school and many others were dressed up in costumes matching their masks. There were so many people there at Montgomery carpark! Then we marched down Trafalgar square and there were thousands of people watching us!!

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