Monday, August 2, 2010

Jordans fab soccer skills

"Go!" Jordan yelled as Room 4 dribbled the soccer balls down the wet, green field. A lot of people fell over on the slipppery mud. We did some dribbling and we played some soccer tag and Jordan was great at teaching us. I think soccer is really cool and having Jordan was a great experience.
Now for all the people who like soccer here are a few games.
Game 1: Soccer Tag: A few people are the taggers and the rest run away dribbling their soccer balls and if the taggers ball touches you, you're in!
Game 2: This game does not have a name but this how it goes: Everyone is dribbling their balls but you have to be careful and keep your ball under contol because the aim of the game is to kick the other player's ball out of the box you are playing in. And if your ball gets kicked out grab it and take it to the nearest corner and do some juggling skills.
So there are a couple games for you to try out.

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